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complete manual Make money together with your YouTube Channel

In this YouTube monetization guide, we go over strategies to help you make money with your YouTube channel. While Google AdSense is a primary source of revenue for many YouTubers, it’s not the only way to earn money on the platform. From sponsorships to selling eBooks and branded channel merch, we go over some of the best ways to earn revenue as a YouTuber.


How to Make Money with Google’s AdSense Program

Advertising on YouTube is one of the most common ways to earn revenue as a creator, and Google AdSense makes it easy to earn money with your YouTube channel. The AdSense program for YouTube is designed to be targeted for your viewers, so it’s definitley something that’s effective and can help you monetize your content. Learn about how AdSense works, how it can help you make money on YouTube, and what not to do when you have AdSense ads on your channel and videos in this helpful article.

How to Make Money Selling Channel Merch

This guide is all about how YouTubers can create and sell channel merch that their audience will love! Thanks to print-on-demand sites, you don’t have to invest a lot of money or time into producing and distributing shirts, caps, mugs, and other cool branded merch that you’d like to design for your YouTube channel’s audience. There’s so many POD platforms that take care of inventory and distribution for you, so that your focus can be on designing and marketing. Here’s how you can make money on YouTube by selling merch for your channel.

How YouTubers Can Create and Sell an eBook

Are your YouTube videos based on providing viewers with helpful information in your channel’s niche or topic area? Can you go more in-depth on the tips and advice you share? An eBook could be a really good way for you to make more money with your YouTube channel. If your viewers come to you for the advice and entertainment you give in your videos, they already know that you’re an expert. In this guide, you’ll learn all the basics of writing and selling an eBook to go with your YouTube channel.

How YouTubers Can Make Money by Starting a Blog

Blogging is great for increasing your YouTube channel’s exposure, but it’s also a really effective way to help you make money with your YouTube channel. With a blog, you can sign up for Google AdSense to bring in ad revenue. You can partner with brands that you love to do affiliate marketing, write sponsored reviews, sell branded merchandise, and/or sell direct advertising. Learn all about how you can make money with a companion blog for your YouTube channel.

How to Make Money by Selling Branded Clothing

When you think of making money with your YouTube channel, you probably automatically think of advertising, but did you know that ads aren’t the only way to make money on YouTube? In fact, you can earn revenue while promoting your channel with branded clothing. With your official logo and some cool designs relevant to your channel, you can create an online store to sell t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and other branded clothing, and when your audience wears your clothes, they’ll help grow your YouTube channel’s brand at the same time!


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