exceptional Google Adsense advert formats To growth revenue

Google allows placing content ads, three link unit ads and two search boxes on a page. Google though lifted the limit on content ads, it should be proportionate to the content length. Whether you place maximum number of ads or a fewer ads, choosing appropriate ad format is one of the main factors to increase the revenue in Google AdSense program. Though choosing ad size depends on the type and the layout of the site there are recommended ads from Google which can improve the click though rate compared to other formats.


Where to Find Recommended Ad Sizes?

When you create a new ad in your AdSense account, Google provides the recommendations under “Ad size > Recommended”.

Recommended AdSense Ads

Recommended AdSense Ads

What are the Recommended AdSense Ads?

Below is the list of best performing Google AdSense ads:
728 x 90 Leaderboard
This is one of the best preforming ad size on a desktop version of a site. You can place this ad above or below the content to fit within the layout. The problem with this leaderboard ad is that they will not fit into mobile screen resulting in horizontal scroll bar appearing with reduced reading experience to users.
Responsive Ads
Google introduced responsive ads format in order to overcome space problems and avoid using two different set of ads for desktop and mobile versions. In the above case of 728 x 90 leaderboard, it is highly recommended to place a responsive ad unit which will display 728 x 90 ad size on a desktop and 468 x 60 or 310 x 100 size banner ad in high-end mobile devices.
With large amount of sites using responsive layout to avoid building separate mobile site, responsive ads becoming more suitable and popular nowadays. As the name indicates, these ads can be used only with the responsive site’s layout and not with the fixed width layout.
300 x 600 Large Skyscraper
This is an ideal ad size to place it on a sidebar of a blog post having lengthier content. Since the size is larger, it is allowed to place only one 300 x 600 ad on a page as per AdSense policies. Google also indicates that 300 x 600 size ad is one of the fastest growing based on the impressions. Since most of the high-end mobile devices have 300px width, this ad size by default will fit into the mobile site as well.
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
This is one of best-fit ad along with the combination of 728 x 90 leaderboard making a site more appealing to the users. It can be placed either side by side to the content or at the sidebar of the blog post having lesser content. 300 x 250 medium rectangle ads will also fit in to the mobile layout by default.
336 x 280 Larger Rectangle
This is similar to medium rectangle ads suitable both within content as well as on sidebar. 336 x 280 larger rectangle ad size will not fit into mobile layouts and hence recommended mostly for the desktop version.
320 x 100 – Large Mobile Banner
If you don’t have a responsive layout site, it is a difficult task to choose separate set of ads for desktop and mobile versions of your site. Beside 300 x 250 or 300 x 600 ads which by default fit into mobiles, 320 x 100 large mobile banner is the recommended ad size made exclusively for high-end mobile devices. It can be ideally placed above the fold to occupy less place compared to placing medium rectangle ads which would push the content down too much in a mobile.

Ads for Mobile Devices

The recommended ads are indicated with mobile icon to show the compatibility with mobile layouts. Out of the above recommended formats, below are the ad sizes suitable for mobile devices.
  • Responsive ads
  • 300 x 250
  • 320 x 100
  • 300 x 600


Below table provides the summary of recommended ads:
Ad Size Description Text ads Display ads Mobile ads
Responsive ads Ads suitable for responsive sites
728 x 90 Leaderboard banner
300 x 250 Medium rectangle ads
336 x 280 Large rectangle ads
300 x 600 Large skyscraper
320 x 100 Large mobile banner ads


Google made it easy and automatic for publishers to monitor whether their site has appropriate recommended ads or not. Login to your AdSense account and under the “Home” tab you will find a “Scorecard” section. The “Revenue Optimization” shows the rating of the usage on recommended ad sizes on your site. Based on the rating you can take corrective actions to change the ads on your site to recommended ads and the AdSense scorecard rating will be revised within a week accordingly.
Besides using recommended ad sizes it is also recommended to use appropriate ad styles. Use experimental feature in AdSense account to try with different styles and choose the best performing winner.
Ensure to place ads in appropriate places on your page based on the layout to increase the revenue.


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